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300 Mile Diet Challenge [Sep. 29th, 2008|08:13 pm]
Vegan Inventive Chef Cook Off!


Greetings vegan_cookoffers!
This week's challenge is the 300 Mile Diet! Based on Sustainable Ballard's 100 Mile Diet seen here, http://100milediet.blogs.sustainableballard.org/

Just in time for fall harvest! This week's challenge asks for at least 90% of your ingredients to have traveled no more than 300 miles. This may be harder for some than others, which is why I added 200 miles from the standard 100 miles.

So get on out to your local farmer's market!

Entries due by midnight PST Monday, October 6th!

[User Picture]From: spirulinai
2008-10-01 03:45 am (UTC)
Whoops - looks like I skipped a few words there. I meant to say that Leamington, Ontario, 104m south of London, is the big farming community. They're in a different growing region than most of the rest of Canada, so they've got an extra six weeks of growing to their advantage.

I agree with Blueheron - 300m is pretty generous, unless you're living in Iqualuit or something. I'm sure I can pull off the challenge if I stay within half that, but I'm going to try and find some produce that's a little more local than Leamington if I can.
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