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The Vegan Inventive Chef Community

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Vegan Inventive Chef Cook Off!
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Welcome to the Vegan Cook-off community! This is a friendly vegan place to create and share new recipes. Every fortnight a challenge is posted, and you can enter your favourite creations that fit the challenge or ingredients listed. Good luck!

This community is also a great cookbook filled with original recipes and information about vegan cooking ingredients, and you can search through our tags to find recipes, information on your favourite foods, etc -

# View the full index of past and present ingredients and challenges
# The latest and greatest original recipes from our members are posted in the comments of the entry posts.
# Check out the most current ingredient/challenge information
# See our beautiful awards!
# Check out our past voting polls.
# Want to know what to do with that strange vegetable you just bought? Need more ideas for lentil dishes? Request a cookoff by adding to our latest Challenge/Ingredient Suggestion Box.

How to enter:

Early each month two ingredients or cooking challenges will be posted. You can reply to that post with any comments or questions you have about the ingredient.

A new post will be created after that and you will have a fortnight to reply to the newer post. In your reply you must include a picture of your food and an original recipe using the ingredient listed. You must be logged-in to a livejournal account when you enter so we can identify the you as the recipe author (and so people can contact you for further recipe clarification if necessary). The closing time is Sunday, 9pm West Coast USA time.

On Monday we will post a poll where you will be able to vote on the food you think is best based on visual appeal, recipe ingredient, drool factor and your own factoring abilities. The winner will be announced on towards the end of the week.

Only one dish is required for entry, however you may post as many as you please, as long as you recognize that you are only creating competition for yourself! (But - for the readers of this journal who are interested in new recipes - the more recipes, the better!) Foods that go together on a plate (i.e. mashed potatoes, gravy, and peas) are acceptable as one entry, but separate courses will be entered into the poll individually.

Confused about the closing times for each challenge? So were we!
Entries are due at the end of each fortnight at:
9pm West Coast USA (Sunday).
Midnight in New York (Sun/Mon).
4am UK (GMT). (Monday)
2pm East Coast Australia (Monday).
Still confused as to where you fit? Check out: http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/


This is a vegan community and only vegan entries will be eligible to enter. If you have any question about what ingredients are vegan and what is not, then you may consult this list.

Your recipe must be included in the entry. A link to where you've posted the recipe somewhere else is no good, because it'll disappear if you ever decide to delete your journal or make your posts friends-only. We want the cook-off to be a good recipe resource as well as a fun cooking challenge. (In the same way, we'd also appreciate it if you used a permanent image hosting site so people will be able to view photos of your cooking creations years from now.)

NEW!!! Nov 2006: The recipe must be original. If you changed some of the ingredients and/or altered the cooking process significantly from an existing recipe so that the end result was significantly different, then you may enter it as your own. If it's a different result with different tastes, then it would qualify as a different food, thus a new recipe. (Changing just one or two ingredients or processes isn't original! This cookoff is about creativity and sharing new and different ideas and recipes.) As well as personal creations, you may also contribute old family recipes if they are unique to your family (to the best of your knowledge).

If you're still confused what you can use and what you can't, our advice is that you stick to whole foods like beans, rice, vegetables, and fruits, and stay away from all prepacked foods. All plant-only products, and no animal or animal-derived products. Tofu, seitan, tempeh, etc are, of course, ok, as they are all derived from plants. All dairy products (milk, cheese, butter), eggs, honey, beeswax etc are, of course, not vegan ingredients.

If you are using processed products: animal-derived additives such as casein are not allowed. Synthetic additives or additives derived from plants are okay. Check out these pages for additive info: vrg.org FAQs, VNV Food Additives list, and UK Veg Society Enumbers.

If you have any questions while you're making a recipe, feel free to zip on over to vegancooking and ask them for advice.

For each ingredient challenge, the named ingredient must be the central feature of the dish. That means it has to either be the largest ingredient or one of the most important flavours. (A good rule of thumb is: if you can omit the ingredient from the dish and it will still work/taste good, then it's not a feature ingredient and the recipe isn't appropriate for that particular challenge. Example: The ingredient is cinnamon and you add a teaspoon of cinnamon to an existing bread recipe. It will work as bread, but not as a cinnamon dish). If the ingredient is a herb, spice, or similar, with a very strong flavour, obviously it isn't expected to be the largest ingredient by quantity, but it should be the overwhelming feature, not just a garnish or something that can be easily removed. The moderators of the community may disqualify dishes that do not use the challenge ingredient as a central feature of the dish. For the non-ingredient skill challenges (eg. microwave cooking, grilling, 30 minute meals, muffins, etc) this doesn't apply, however the named challenge/skill must be the main feature of the dish/cooking process.

Are we missing a great ingredient or cooking challenge? Tell us in our suggestion box!

A picture of your food must be included in the entry. Free image hosting is available at http://www.flickr.com and http://www.photobucket.com. Livejournal also hosts pictures for paid users (here: http://pics.livejournal.com/). To post your picture, you'll need to include something like this (changing the URL to the location of your image): <img src="http://www.yoururl.com/yourimagename.jpg" />

Voting & Posting:
The voting ends when the award has been posted. Any votes cast after the winners have been announced will not be counted.

Posting access is only for the mods. Please don't ask for access! Enter your recipes and questions as replies to the posts we make.

These rules are subject to change if the need arises, or if we need to make things clearer. The mods promise to be ethical and fair to the best of their abilities!


The moderators are: the wonderful webtar and the magnificent indriya.

Thanks to the wise web_kitten for the idea. Thanks to the lovely lavajin for the award artwork in 2005, and the splendid supercarrot in 2006!

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